August 20, 2014 - Press release

Festival Mode & Design de Montréal 2014 : Wood, a lifestyle

Montreal, August 20, 2014 – As the proud partner of the Festival Mode & Design de Montréal (FMD, or Fashion & Design Festival) for two years now, the Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) is encouraging you to choose: Wood, a lifestyle. Thanks to this partnership, the QFIC is determined to take a design-centred approach to showcasing the advantages of wood products through the Festival’s facilities, including the main stage, the runway of the Collections segment, terraces, etc. So doing, it is seeking to endow this event with a unique signature. Wood continues to have a multitude of things to reveal to festival-goers through its textures, types, fibre and materials.


“For this second edition, the wood sector partners agreed to provide yet more wood for the FMD facilities, which are now quartered at the Place des festivals. This partnership is of a piece with the forest industry’s information campaign known as Move to Clean Carbon. And the theme is designed to show that wood-related innovation goes well beyond our living spaces, construction or furniture and that fibre components (e.g., cellulose filaments) can be employed in many other applications, thereby bringing diversity to the wood sector as a whole,” emphasized QFIC CEO André Tremblay,.



Design aficionados will be delighted to note that not only is wood back again but that it is everywhere to be seen on the Festival site from August 20 to 23, 2014:

  • The indoor runway, made of maple, courtesy of Lauzon, Planchers de bois exclusifs was installed in the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, thus enhancing the parade of models dressed by famous designers. The air-purifying smart flooring known as Pure Genius will bring freshness to the main stage of the  FMD’s Collections segment;
  • The outdoor, Casino de Montréal runway, is clad in embossed particle board, offered by Uniboard Canada, on which all of the FMD’s program of events will be presented;
  • Not forgetting the stunning terrace in larch offered by Maxi-Forêt and Produits forestiers Résolu, which creates a spectacular setting next to the “Fontaine des Festivals”;
  • The media wall, decked in brushed face siding, courtesy of Maibec, will create visibility for the partnership between the fashion and wood industries;
  • All the facilities created by the previous year’s wood partners were reused, including those of LCN Palettes et Caisses, Tembec, Groupe Crête, and Produits forestiers Arbec, thus increasing the place of wood in Festival facilities and underscoring the considerable prestige of this event


Wood BOXes will be located around the site for the purpose of illustrating some of the applications of wood. Don’t miss the new BOX concerning cellulose filaments (CF), the “Wood Vox Pop,” in which you can offer us your comments about the “wood facilities du jour,” the Fragrance Box, the Photobooth, etc. The involvement of a partner such as FPInnovations in both the scientific and educational content will make it possible to provide festival-goers with a glimpse of the real advances occurring among wood products, forthcoming innovations and the multisensory beauty of wood.

The arrival of the Festival in the Quartier des spectacles also required a major contribution from the Quebec Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs in regards to the layout of the site of the  Festival Mode & Design de Montréal.



About the campaign
Sponsored by the Quebec Forest Industry Council, the “Move to Clean Carbon” campaign is aimed at informing the public about the innovative and ecological potential of products made from wood, a renewable material. It is now possible to make use of a great many applications based on wood’s unique characteristics. Wherever the prospective niche is located – in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, the automobile industry, or the aviation or construction sectors – one is certain to encounter products that contain wood components. showcases all these applications and sketches out a future in which the products made from renewable materials will, to an even greater extent, replace products made from non-renewable materials. The “Move to Clean Carbon” initiative belongs to all Quebecers working to create a cleaner future!!



Source: Laurence Drouin
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC)
418-657-7916, ext. 411
418-564-7254 (cell)

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