June 16, 2016 - Press release

Work begins on the Origine condo project


Québec, June 14, 2016 – André Tremblay, CEO of the Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC), and Gérald Beaulieu, Director of the Centre d’expertise sur la construction commerciale en bois (Cecobois), who were both present at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Origine project, in the Pointe-aux-Lièvres ecodistrict, welcome the start of the work on what will become the highest solid-wood condo tower in North America.


This 13-storey building, 12 of which will be built from solid wood, is a project by the NEB consortium (which is composed of Nordic Structures, EBC Inc. and Synchro Immobilier) that will serve as not only a flagship project for multi-storey wood construction, but also as a showcase for Quebec’s expertise abroad.


“Today, Quebec can be proud of the announcement that work is beginning on the Origine project, which showcases wood—an eco-friendly material that comes from our forests and is processed by our workers. The use of wood in this project will naturally help reduce the environmental footprint of the building while encouraging an industry that contributes to the collective wealth of Quebecers,” said Mr. Tremblay.


“In this project, we estimate that using wood instead of concrete will prevent at least 1,000 tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. In addition, since trees absorb carbon, nearly 2,800 tons of CO2 will be sequestered in the structure throughout the life of the building,” explains Mr. Beaulieu. These figures come from a carbon calculator that compares greenhouse gas emissions from various construction materials. Cecobois was mandated to pilot this project by the Quebec government.


The wooden structure used to build the Origine project is made of cross-laminated timber panels, a very strong engineered product made of massive wood elements. It has proven its usefulness in many multi-storey projects around the world, including the Stadthaus in London, England (8 storeys), the Via Cenni in Milan, Italy (9 storeys) and the Forte Living in Melbourne, Australia (10 storeys).


“This project is the culmination of the latest technology and innovations in wood construction. Compliance with Building Code performance requirements is supported by many fire resistance, structural performance and seismic resistance tests conducted on real buildings worldwide,” notes Mr. Beaulieu.


The Wood Charter adopted by the Quebec government in 2013, and the 12-storey Wood Building Construction Guide produced by the Régie du bâtiment in collaboration with FPInnovations, are initiatives that have paved the way to innovative wood constructions such as the Origine project. Already, the construction of another 8-storey building in the Griffintown district of Montréal has been announced. “We hope that the Origine project will continue to inspire other developers interested in building efficient, sustainable and greener buildings that promote a high-quality local material,” concluded André Tremblay.

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