March 27, 2013 - Press release

QFIC Invites Quebecers to Join Campaign, Move to Clean Carbone

Montreal, March 20, 2013 – The Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) today launched a major information campaign about wood products going by the name of “Passez au carbone propre” (Move to Clean Carbon). The purpose of this campaign is to more fully inform the public about innovation and the ecological qualities of forest products. Although the launch of this campaign coincides with the International Day of Forests (officially occurring on March 21, 2013), the QFIC is seeking primarily to build awareness about the positive environmental balance sheet of the forest industry and the attractive employment prospects in this sector.


Mr. André Tremblay, QFIC’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the importance of developing knowledge and understanding of wood products and the jobs that will become available in this promising sector in the short term. “The forest industry has a lot offer Quebec and is striving to gain recognition for its environmental balance sheet.


Today, close to 90% of Quebec’s forest lands hold one of the internationally recognized certifications for the sustainable development of forest resources. On an annual basis, approximately 2.7 million tons of waste are recovered by all pulp, paper and board mills and converted for use primarily in energy production and farm and forest fertilization. It’s also worth noting that since 1990, paper mills have reduced their GGEs by 72 % – i.e., twice as much as the target for Quebec,” he explained.


“With the present initiative, it is not a case of withdrawing from traditional niches but of being on the lookout for business opportunities for developing new products and supporting the transformation of the industry in keeping with efforts to boosting competitiveness. When we talk about innovation, we’re talking about new products, new processes or new processes whose properties will enable us to replace products that are manufactured using non-renewable resources,” Mr. Tremblay noted.


“Passez au carbone propre” is an information campaign by the forest industry that will be conducted primarily on the social media and the Web to develop awareness of the applications of wood products and their specific characteristics. The Website (which will be available for viewing in English shortly) will gather and publish all the important information concerning the contest, the sponsorship program and much more. From March 21 to May 7, an online contest will offer all participants a chance at winning one of many prizes (see contest details).


“This information campaign will not only allow the general public to familiarize itself with wood products but also to better grasp how these products are good for the environment, because they are produced from a renewable resource,” emphasized Mr. Tremblay.


When the opportunity exists, using environmentally-friendly, renewable products made with low-carbon materials and processes is always preferable to using products made from non-renewable resources. Wood is the outcome of a nature process of photosynthesis in which trees store CO2 and release oxygen. For this reason, wood can be considered a clean carbon resource. Thus, through a responsible use of products and a sustainable approach to resource management, we can ensure the continuous annual removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and further improve our environmental balance sheet.


Tembec’s Vice President – Forest Resource Management, Michel Lessard, believes strongly in the importance of using renewable resources in an innovative manner. “It is critical to opt for renewable resources that do not pollute, both for our environment and our economy at large. We are proud to offer both traditional forest products as well as specialty cellulose, which has a surprisingly broad range of uses. It is a component of pharmaceuticals, food products, cosmetics, and paints, among other applications. We are equally proud of the jobs related to our products.”

“Green” job creation

“In addition to generating 63,000 jobs, including more than 10,000 that will become available in the next five years in the various forest-related trades and professions, the forest industry is contributing to improving Quebec’s environmental balance sheet and boosting its economic development. Our sector is offering recyclable, renewable products that constitute an effective response to today’s environmental challenges. We are convinced that our “green,” innovative jobs will attract a new generation of workers so urgently needed by the industry,” concluded Mr. Tremblay.


The “Passez au carbone propre” information campaign can be viewed online at: (temporarily in French only).


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About the campaign
Sponsored by the Quebec Forest Industry Council, the “Passez au carbone propre” campaign is aimed at informing the public about the innovative and ecological potential of products made from wood, a renewable material. It is now possible to make use of a great many applications based on wood’s unique characteristics. Wherever the prospective niche is located – in the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, the automobile industry, or the aviation or construction sectors – one is certain to encounter products that contain wood components. showcases all these applications and sketches out a future in which the products made from renewable materials will, to an even greater extent, replace products made from non-renewable materials. The “Passez au carbone propre” initiative belongs to all Quebecers working to create a cleaner future!


Source:  Laurence Drouin
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Quebec Forest Industry Council
(418) 657-7916, ext. 411

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