April 22, 2013 - Press release

Jour de la Terre Québec tree-planting ceremony

The Quebec Forest Industry Council Takes Part in Quebec Earth Day Celebrations

Montreal, April 22, 2013 – As a sign of the times, today the Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) was the guest of Jour de la Terre Québec (the provincial branch of Earth Day Canada) during the tree-planting ceremony held as part of Earth Day events designed to “breathe new life into the planet.” It is the first time the QFIC has taken part in this annual event, and the decision to attend follows from its efforts to promote the use of renewable resources and sustainable forest management.



In the view of Mr. André Tremblay, QFIC’s Chief Executive Officer: “Both our organizations are pursuing similar objectives, particularly in terms of advocating the responsible use of resources. What is more, especially where wood is concerned, we are dealing with a renewable resource. It’s worth recalling that paper, board (i.e., cardboard) and cellulose are green alternatives to products made from non-renewable resources, as is shown in the information campaign known as ‘Move to Clean Carbon’,” he emphasized.


Controversy concerning an Earth Day advertisement
A television spot aired on behalf of Jour de la Terre Québec in the last few weeks prompted the indignation of several forest sector actors: the ad shows a woodland levelled to the ground by a piece of heavy machinery. After hearing the explanations of Mr. Pierre Lussier, Executive Director of Jour de la Terre Québec, according to whom the intention of this spot was not to denounce logging practices in Quebec but, instead, deforestation and overconsumption, the QFIC agreed to take part in Jour de la Terre Québec’s tree-planting ceremony – notwithstanding the misleading visual theme.



“The goal of our participation is to denounce these perceptions that no longer have a basis in reality. By accepting this invitation of Jour de la Terre Québec, we are seeking to show that the forest industry is part of the solution, particularly from the perspective of ever more sustainable forest management,” concluded Mr. André Tremblay, QFIC’s Chief Executive Officer.


Some important facts concerning Quebec’s forest lands
In Quebec, forestry activities do not result in any deforestation. Forested areas are currently expanding thanks to the more sustainable forestry practices implemented over the last several years. What is more, Quebec’s forest industry has committed to preserving the resource, in particular through the implementation of harvesting practices in line with the values of sustainable development.



And the results are there to be seen: close to 90 % of Quebec’s forest lands are now covered by environmental certification based on stringent internationally recognized standards. This figure is four times greater than it was 10 years ago, making Quebec a world leader in the area of forest certification.





About the QFIC

The QFIC is the voice of Québec's forest industry. The QFIC numbers more than 160 regular members operating in the softwood and hardwood lumber, veneer, pulp, paper, cardboard and panel sectors of Québec, as well as 180 associate members. Each year, these companies generate $15.9 billion in business and close to $4 billion in wages and benefits, of which nearly $1.5 billion is returned to governments in the form of taxes paid by companies and workers.


Source: Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC)

Information: Laurence Drouin
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC)
418-657-7916, ext. 411

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