April 9, 2013 - Press Release

CIFQ Commends Federal Support for Forest Industry

Québec City, April 9, 2013 – The Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) wishes to highlight the government of Canada’s financial support of efforts to encourage innovation and market development,  as announced today by the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Minister of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs.


All in all, the financial contribution to Quebec’s forest sector amounts to close to $5 million, split between FPInnovations and the Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB), which respectively support forest industry innovation and market development. Quebec’s forest industry is firmly focused on innovation, be it in products, processes or markets. “In the context of the current quest for fiscal balance, the Economic Development Agency’s financial support reflects the confidence that the government of Canada has in the future of the forest sector,” declared Mr. André Tremblay, QFIC’s Chief Executive Officer.


“In Quebec as elsewhere in Canada, the forest industry is undergoing continual transformation. Thus, this support for innovation and market development confirms the federal government’s determination to spur the transformation process with a view to improving the sector’s competitiveness. This financial commitment will serve to support numerous initiatives launched by the forest industry, particularly regarding research and development as well as production methods,” Mr. André Tremblay emphasized.


The QFIC recently launched a major information campaign going under the banner of “Move to Clean Carbon,” in order to build public awareness of the full scope of innovation and the ecological qualities of forest products, and thereby contribute to the development of new markets.


About the QFIC
The QFIC is the voice of Québec's forest industry. The QFIC numbers more than 160 regular members operating in the softwood and hardwood lumber, veneer, pulp, paper, cardboard and panel sectors of Québec, as well as 180 associate members. Each year, these companies generate $15.9 billion in business and close to $4 billion in wages and benefits, of which nearly $1.5 billion is returned to governments in the form of taxes paid by companies and workers.

Source: Laurence Drouin
  Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC)
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