Scholarships at Université Laval

The Quebec Forest Industry Council awards scholarships each year to four students at the Université Laval’s Faculty of Forestry, including two scholarships of $1,000 for forestry undergraduates and two scholarships of $2,000 for forestry graduates (master’s and PhD), making for a total of $6,000.

Criteria for the awarding of scholarships
  • Undergraduate student in a forestry program;
  • Master’s or doctoral student enrolled in a forestry program;
  • Academic record;
  • Community involvement.

Given the importance of publicizing recipients’ names in the media, the QFIC’s President-General Manager or his representative official awards these scholarships at a ceremony held by Université Laval’s Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics.


The names of the recipients are also published at the QFIC’s Annual Convention or at the annual general meeting of the membership.

Merit scholarships at the college level

Each year, the Quebec Forest Industry Council awards merit scholarships to students enrolled in the Cégep de Sainte-Foy’s Forest products processing technology * program .

Merit Scholarships for Forestry Training Centers

In collaboration with the steering committee of its associate members, the QFIC has, since 2008, organized the awarding of merit scholarships at Quebec’s Forestry Vocational Training Centres. The aim of this initiative is to highlight the need for a new generation to enter the forest industry, mainly by distributing the proceeds of two QFIC activities (golf tournament and benefit dinner for associate members) to students at educational institutions in Quebec’s resource regions.

Each year, the steering committee of QFIC’s associate membership sets aside an identical grant for each of the institutions mentioned below. The institution then designates one or more of its students enrolled in a forestry program as having the most outstanding candidacy, based on the institution’s criteria. These educational institutions are:


  • Centre de formation et d’extension en foresterie de l’Est-du-Québec;
  • Centre de formation professionnelle de Dolbeau-Mistassini;
  • Centre de formation professionnelle Le Granit;
  • École de foresterie et de technologie du bois de Duchesnay;
  • École forestière de La Tuque;
  • Centre de formation Harricana;
  • Centre de formation professionnelle de Forestville;
  • Centre de formation professionnelle Mont-Laurier.


The names of the recipients are announced at the QFIC’s Annual Convention or at the membership’s annual general meeting.

This initiative underlines the importance, in the QFIC’s view, of these workers and professionals to the future of the forestry industry and to the development of Quebec. In addition, the QFIC offers scholarships to students at the college and university levels.

The QFIC also participates in the official awarding of scholarships in educational institutions through our regular and associate members.


In the absence of students taking the forest products processing technology program, it has been agreed that the QFIC will provide a grant of $1,800 to the institution for graduates of the forest management program who have distinguished themselves in terms of academic excellence, involvement and personality.

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