Donations and Sponcorships Policy

In response to each organization seeking financial support, the QFIC wishes to offer a simple, fair process The QFIC’s budgetary envelope for donations and sponsorship is established annually.


Every year, the Quebec Forest Industry Council supports a few provincial/national initiatives related to promotion of the forest industry, from a perspective of economic development, public education and the promotion of sustainable development strategies.

Our policy

The management of donations and sponsorship is part of the means available to the QFIC to achieve its mission. As such, donations and sponsorships must be used for informational and educational purposes.


Sponsorship activities are carried out in compliance with the QFIC’s administrative policies.

Main sectors

The QFIC’s sponsorships are allocated primarily to organizations working in the following areas of the forest industry:


  • Developing knowledge of the industry among the general public;
  • Promoting various stakeholders in the forest sector;
  • Sustainable development strategies.

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Donations and sponsorships policy

Submitting a sponsorship application

All sponsorship requests must be made according to the following guidelines:


  • Applications must be addressed and sent to the person responsible for sponsorship matters at the Directorate of Communications and Public Affairs, either by mail to: 1175 av. Lavigerie, suite 200, Québec, QC  G1V 4P1 or by email to: Activez le Javascript pour nous écrire
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