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The Quebec Forest Industry Council (QFIC) now incorporates the Quebec Forest Industries Association (QFIA), the Quebec Lumber Manufacturers Association (QLMA) and the Association de déroulage et sciage de feuillus du Québec (ADSFQ). Most companies working in the forest industry have been grouped into a single entity since 2003. This makes the new QFIC a major force in this sensitive area of the economy of Quebec and of its regions in particular.

The QFIC is a non-profit organization made up of three sectors: sawmilling, veneer, and pulp, paper, paperboard and board. The Council includes over 80 members (118 softwood lumber sawmills), 12 members in veneer and hardwood and pine sawmilling of (21 facilities) representing more than 90% of lumber production in Quebec, as well as 8 members from the pulp, paper, paperboard and board sector (24 facilities), these being the great majority of active operations in Quebec.

The QFIC includes two membership categories: regular members and associate members.

Regular members in the sectors of sawmilling, veneer and hardwood and pine sawmilling of lumber, and pulp, paper, paperboard and board

On becoming a member of the QFIC, a plant operating in the sawmilling sector is granted an individual number. This will appear on the member’s stamp and make it easier for a customer to identify the source of any wood product it purchases.

In addition to being entitled to stamp their lumber in accordance with the standards of the National Lumber Grading Authority (NLGA), regular members operating in the sawmilling sector enjoy several other benefits. These include: quality inspection and phytosanitary control services; training in drying, sawmilling and grading; inspection of buildings and infrastructure; destination inspection; certification of wood for export; implementation of chains of custody (CoC); support to members on improving product quality (technical assistance); and access.


Regular members also enjoy preferential rates at QFIC-organized events (annual convention, benefit dinner, information sessions, workshop-conferences, golf tournament), as well as access to the online membership directory (via extranet).

They receive several publications, including the weekly Pribec, and all releases, information materials prepared by QFIC on advocacy files on issues affecting their sectors (energy, environment, etc.), as well as official publications.


Regular members in the veneer and hardwood and pine sawmilling sector are entitled to the same services as those in the softwood sector, with the exception of the right to stamp wood products.

Associate members

Associate members are companies that provide goods and services to the forest industry. These include wholesalers, lumber retailers, forest contractors, equipment manufacturers, engineering firms, etc.

In addition, some associate members benefit from our phytosanitary certification service. All associate members have access to the online membership directory (via extranet), and can take advantage of preferential rates for publications (including the weekly Pribec). They may also take part in QFIC events.

Becoming a member

To inquire about joining the QFIC, simply contact our Administration, Industrial Relations and Human Resources unit at (418) 657-7916, ext. 427.

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